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We deliver AI-powered software solutions and services to innovate businesses and help them grow.

Our Services

We use data and AI to provide software solutions and services through Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. We help companies and businesses make informed decisions and solve real-world problems by deploying innovative and cutting-edge AI-powered technologies that cover a diverse range of business activities and processes, and also creating and unlocking more values. Our services cater to the needs of all industry verticals and provide insights that impact their business efficiency, KPIs and help with intuitive engagement.



Software or Application Consultation, Design and Development

We offer consultation services, design and development of custom mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, APIs and other software solution and services.


Custom Development and Integration services

We offer consultations and development services to businesses and individuals who are seeking innovative ways to apply, integrate or leverage blockchain and web3 technologies, cloud computing, AI-powered and data-driven software solutions and services to unlock more value and increase growth in their businesses.



We offer our flagship products and services through Subscriptions, and licensing deals. Our flagship products and services are AI-powered and data-driven applications or software solutions that help businesses increase productivity and keep pace with the latest technology trends.



We offer free and paid consultations to businesses and individuals who are looking for innovative ways to leverage their data.


Partnerships and Collaborations

We are open to strategic partnerships and collaborations with businesses, individuals, agencies, organizations, institutions, governments, military, and investors.


Trainings and Workshops 

We help offer trainings, workshops, and bootcamps.


To accelerate the adoption of AI, cloud and web3 solutions in businesses and across industries.

To help businesses gain competitive edge, innovate and stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest technology trends in AI, cloud and web3 technologies.


Our delivery focuses on eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, identifying areas for automation and increasing productivity, growth and value creation by enhancing core delivery systems within businesses and organisations.

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AlphaSoft Technologies is trusted by over 500 brands and companies

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Joel Zola, Executive Director.

Street Voices

"AlphaSoft has been a game-changer for my business, the custom AI-powered software solutions which they developed for me have helped me automate my tasks and free up my time so that I can focus on other areas of my business. Mike, the CEO of AlphaSoft, is a perfectionist who will make sure everything is working! I highly recommend AlphaSoft Technologies to any business owner who is looking to increase their productivity significantly."

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